1st Annual Mid-Winter Pork Sale!

We're almost through with winter. Almost.... You know what would make the rest of these cold days go by just a little quicker? PORK! Just imagine a quiet weekend with late season snow falling gently outside the window and a gorgeously marbled Raven Hill Farm Berkshire pork butt simmering away in the slow cooker... sounds good doesn't it? Now imagine that same pork butt on sale! Even better.

We are offering up some of our best cuts of pork at a 25% discount from now until March 31! Now's your chance to chase the winter blues away with succulent roasts, chops, butts and ribs. A link to the online order form is at the bottom of the page.

Happy mid-winter everyone!

Pork Chops

Our pork chops are all bone-in and cut to 3/4". We have both loin and rib chops. The loin chops contain more of the loin while the rib chops have more rib meat. Both are excellent pan fried or braised low and slow. Sold in packs of 2 or 4.
Regularly $12/lbs - now $9/lbs

Country-Style Ribs

Think of these as mini pork putts. They are long thick cuts from the sirloin end of the loin. They braise BEAUTIFULLY! They are also excellent grilled or in a marinade. A truly under appreciated cut that we LOVE! Sold in packs of 2.
Regularly $10/lbs -now $7.50/lbs

Butt Roast

Pulled pork anyone? Were it not for the pork butts, I don't know that we'd raise pigs. There's just nothing better than a butt roast slow cooked with orange juice, onions, cumin, garlic and red pepper flakes. NOTHING. Typically 4.5 - 5.5 lbs each.
Regularly $10/lbs - now $7.50/lbs

Shoulder Roast

Second in deliciousness only to the pork butt, the shoulder roast was made for slow cooking. They are wonderfully marbled with just enough fat to stay moist without being greasy. Typically 4 - 5 lbs each.
Regularly $10/lbs - now $7.50/lbs

Smoked Jowl Bacon

Tired of regular bacon? Want to try something completely different though still in the bacon family? How about smoked jowl? It's been described as a hammier bacon and that's an apt description. Sold in 1lbs packs.
Regularly $11/lbs - now $8.25/lbs