berkshire pigs

In 2015 we began breeding and raising registered Berkshire pigs. This heritage breed is widely praised for producing some of the finest cuts of pork available. Though slower growing than commercial breeds, these pigs are hearty in cold-climates, easy to handle and gregarious in their demeanor. We are a member of the American Berkshire Association and offer registered breeding stock in addition to a limited number of feeder pigs. Contact us for more information.

We raise our pigs outside on seasonal pasture where they graze and forage, supplemented with a non-GMO, locally sourced grain ration and vegetables gleaned from our neighbors at Pebble Brook Farm.

Currently we offer our pork through a limited number of seasonal "shares" and buy the cut, either here at the farm, through the our friends at the Pebble Farm Store at 188 Menard Road or online via our own Farm Store.