pork shares

Berkshire pork is revered in the culinary world for its unique marbling, deep red color and superior flavor. Our Berkshire pigs are raised without antibiotics, outside on seasonal pasture and fed a balanced ration of non-GMO, locally sourced grain.

Our shares are priced by the pound based on "hanging weight", which is the weight of the carcass before being made into the various cuts. Some loss occurs due to the removal of bones and trimmings, therefore, the final weight of your share will be roughly 20 - 30% less than the hanging weight.

Below is a breakdown of the shares and estimates of the hanging weights of each.

Share     Estimated Hanging Weight    Price/Pound    Deposit
Whole           160 - 200lbs                               $5.53            $300    

Half               80 - 100lbs                                 $5.87            $150   

Quarter         40 - 50lbs                                  $5.99            $75

Your share will include some or all of the following depending on the share:
(Please be sure you have adequate freezer space for your share! Raven Hill Farm can not store your meat! General rule of thumb for storing meat in the freezer is 1 cubic foot of space per 30 lbs of meat.)

  • whole smoked ham(s)

  • hamsteaks

  • loin roast or chops (1"thick)

  • smoked Canadian bacon

  • country-style ribs

  • smoked bacon

  • spare ribs

  • shoulder & butt roasts

  • unseasoned ground pork

  • fat for rendering into lard

This year we will be offering an optional selection of pre-seasoned ground pork with your order. Our butcher will be providing us with maple breakfast, sweet Italian and hot Italian seasoned ground pork in 1 pound packs. After you’ve placed your reservation for a share, you will be contacted about your options. Quantities are limited and orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Two Options for Signing Up for your Share:
With a credit card at our online Farm Store
2. By filing out the order form below and mailing us a check.

2019 pork share order form

Share sign-ups are open until January 30, 2019. Non-smoked portions will be ready after February 8 with smoked portions (hams and bacon) ready two weeks later.  

After completing and submitting the form below, please mail a non-refundable deposit check, made payable to "Raven Hill Farm" to: 515 Menard Road, Braintree, Vermont 05060.

Whole Share = $300
Half Share = $150
Quarter Share = $75

You will be billed for the remaining balance once your share is ready.

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