maple syrup

Bob and Ted from Anchor Light Farm pulling the sap sled

Bob and Ted from Anchor Light Farm pulling the sap sled

We take real pride in the maple syrup we produce. When we started sugaring we committed to making maple syrup the traditional way: by hand, in small batches and with buckets, wood, metal and time. Since then we've added horses! Our sugaring partners at Anchor Light Farm hitch up their team of Belgian Draft horses and we head into the woods to gather the sap from the hundreds of buckets we hang each season. The horses lower our carbon footprint, take less of a toll on the woods than a tractor and make the whole process of gathering sap an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Our syrup is made by hand, with limited fossil fuel inputs. By committing to collecting sap in buckets, we don't have to purchase, install and then throw away plastic tubing every few years. By burning sustainably harvested wood from our woodlot instead of fossil fuel, we don't have to pay an oil bill. And by working at a human scale, we let maple sugar making remain the seasonal work of a farmer, not the complex, large-scale industry that it has become.


None of this would matter if you couldn't taste the difference in our syrup. But you can! Traditional methods yield a traditional product with a unique taste that can't be created with large scale production.

Our syrup is available here at the farm, through our online farm store, down the road at Pebble Brook Farm Store and at Anchor Light Farm.